Kate Winslet has been divorced twice, from film directors Jim Threapleton in 2001 and Sam Mendes in 2011, and even though she has a child from each marriage, the British actress isn't concerned that these experiences will have a negative effect on her children.

Kate Winslet
Winslet thinks it is important her children learn about struggle

In fact, when Winslet was recently interviewed by the U.K. Harper's Bazaar, she insisted her daughter, Mia, 14, and son, Joe, 11, would have benefitted from seeing the breakdown of their parents' relationship because it has taught them about struggle.

"I think it's very important to teach your children to struggle on some level," she told the mag. "I would honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. Even all the bad bits. It doesn't matter how [bad] times have been, they all matter, because those things shape who you are. And if you don't like who you are, well, then you're f**ked really, aren't you?"

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The Oscar-winning actress is now happily married to Ned RocknRoll, with whom she welcomed her third child, a 1-year-old son named Bear Blaze Winslet. But unlike many of her fellow actresses, Winslet isn't trying to lose any baby weight and return to her pre-pregnancy figure.

"There's a big part of me-now, more than ever before-that feels a sense of responsibility for how other women view themselves," she explained. "Take having the baby, for instance. Have I actively been on a diet to lose my baby weight? No, I haven't. I genuinely bloody haven't. I so didn't want to be one of those, 'Oh, wow, she's back in shape after 12 weeks' women. When I read things like that I just think, oh, for f**k's sake, that's actually impossible."

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Winslet added, "Life is just too short to be spending time focusing on things like that. I want to keep my health and my sanity and be well fed and happy. I was nowhere near my pre-pregnancy shape when Bear was 12 weeks old.And you know what? My body will never go back to what it was, and I wouldn't expect it to after three babies."