Katey Sagal who stars in Sons of Anarchy as Gemma discussed the issues raised by the season four episode 'Hands'.

Katey SagalKatey Sagal at the L.A. premiere of Pacific Rim.

The episode shocked many viewers who saw the show depict domestic violence between Gemma (Sagal) and Clay (Ron Perlman). The brutal scene which saw Clay beat his wife Gemma left many viewers wondering if the couple should get back together and if this would encourage those in violent relationships to do the same.

It certainly raised some issues which were discussed by Sagal in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. When asked if Gemma and Clay should get back together, Sagal said "I really don't know." She did, however, have plenty to say on issues relating to domestic violence: "domestic violence is not a stranger to the world, as it's not a stranger to a lot of worlds. And a lot of people go back to unfathomable situations, which would be unfathomable to me. But I'm not playing me."

Sagal attempted to avoid delving any deeper into the issue by pointing out that she is acting out the actions of a character. Sagal thinks Gemma is "motivated by what she gets, not necessarily what she gives" she continued to say that "if it gets her something, she might unite [with Clay]."

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday 2nd August, Sagal also referenced her character's conflicted story lines but said on the twisting plotlines: "that's part of the journey of being an actor, that you're exploring the human condition in whatever form thats going on

Also speaking on the subject of domestic violence, in a separate interview with EW, Perlman said the show plays an important role in creating discussion. He is quoted as saying the audience see deeds which are "unthinkable" but "I love being in that position. Because when you can inspire that kind of debate and controversy over a one-hour TV show, that's a pretty good place to be if you're an actor, a director, or a writer."

The Sons of Anarchy creators and writers have no qualms causing controversy and more is surely to come in season 6. Creator Kurt Sutter, speaking on the show's panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, said season 6 would feature a high school shooting by a young boy.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 will premiere on Tuesday 10th September at 10pm on FX.

Kurt Sutter
Creator Kurt Sutter at the PaleyFest 2012 event honouring Sons of Anarchy, held at the Saban Theatre in L.A.

Ron Perlman
Ron Perlman at The Screen Actors Guild Foundation's 4th Annual Los Angeles Golf tournament.