Late movie icon Katharine Hepburn was so obsessed with keeping her tragic brother's memory alive during her life she switched her birthday to his.
The actress' 15-year-old brother Tom was found hanging in the attic of the family home when she was just 13 - and a new biography suggests she never got over the tragedy.
In a new Globe magazine expose, a long-forgotten Hepburn interview has been unearthed, in which the Oscar winner, who died in 2003, admits her brother's death made her feel "ingrown, sort of like a toenail can get when your shoe is too small."
The actress added, "I pledged to Tom and myself that he would live in my heart and mind as long as I lived. I decided I had to live my life for two... The real date of his death would not be until the day I died."
And biographer Charlotte Chandler, who landed the forgotten chat with Hepburn, insists the actress took to wearing her brother's clothes, cut her hair short and behaved like a boy.
In the interview, the actress revealed she once had a dream during which she walked in on her brother, who revealed he never intended to commit suicide; instead his death was a trick gone wrong.