T.R. Knight, the former Grey's Anatomy star who played Dr George O'Malley, wed his long term partner on Friday (4th October). Knight had been with his partner Patrick for over three years before tying the knot last week. 

T.R. Knight
T.R. Knight married his partner of three years on Friday.

Amongst those attending the wedding was Knight's former Grey's Anatomy co-star Katherine Heigl. Heigl added a number of photographs to Twitter, one where she shows off her red lace dress and matching lipstick; another where she jokes about in a photo booth with her husband, Josh Kelley. The red dress look was completed by the "disenchanted fashionista look" the two women adopted for the occasion. 

Knight starred opposite Heigl in the hit ABC series from 2005 to 2009. He left the show, and his $14 million contract, after a heated discussion with his co-star Isaiah Washington led to the use of a homophobic slur. Heigl rushed to her friend's defence. It was an onscreen relationship which worked well for them especially as their characters - Izzie and George - were best friends and for a short while lovers.  A year later Heigl followed in Knight's footsteps and left the show, striking out into the murky waters of romantic comedy.