Katherine Heigl's dog has been attacked by a coyote.

The 'Ugly Truth' actress was left horrified when she saw the carnivorous wild canine sink its teeth into her beloved pooch in her backyard.

Katherine grabbed a broom and charged towards the coyote in a bid to save her pet.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: "A savage coyote sank its teeth into one of Katherine's small dogs. She heard her pet howling and growling in the backyard and ran out to discover the coyote had gripped her beloved dog in its slathering jaws.

"Screaming, she snatched a broom and ran at the beast, which instantly dropped its whimpering prey and streaked into a bush."

Although Katherine's dog was left shaken by the incident, it didn't suffer any serious injuries.

The source added: "Her dog yelped in terror and instantly bounced back on its four feet, lucky to be alive. It sustained two small puncture wounds."

The 30-year-old blonde beauty previously revealed her husband, musician Josh Kelley, has begged her to stop bringing stray animals home.

She said: "My husband will kill me if I adopt any more dogs! He married into a five-dog household!"