The family of the late pop star Michael Jackson have lost in their case for huge damages after a court ruled against claims that alleged concert promoters AEG Live was negligent over Jackson's death on the 25th June 2009 as a result of an overdose of the anaesthetic Propofol.

Michael Jackson
The Aftermath Of Michael Jackson's Tragic Death Has Been Riddled With Long Court Cases.

Brought by Jackson's 83 year-old mother, Katherine, the case against AEG Live alleged that the organisers of the star's comeback tour were negligent in hiring Doctor Conrad Murray, who was jailed for four years for involuntary manslaughter, and failed to read the signs of Jackson's ill health.

Jackson's family's lawyers were seeking damages of $85m (£52m) for each of the star's three children, as well as more for economic losses, estimated at up to $1.6bn (£986m): adding up to a sum AEG Live described as "absurd."

The trial took five months and three days of deliberation and the LA jury eventually decided that although AEG Live was responsible for hiring Dr. Murray, it was not to blame for the Doctor's wrongdoing when a lethal dose of the sleep drug was administered as Dr. Murray was not unfit for the job when hired.

Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson, Michael's Mother, Brought The Case Against AEG Live.

"That doesn't mean we felt he was ethical," said jury foreman Gregg Barden, delivering the verdict, via BBC News.

Defence attorney Marvin Putnam said: "The jury's decision completely vindicates AEG Live, confirming what we have known from the start - that although Michael Jackson's death was a terrible tragedy [...] not a tragedy of AEG Live's making."

"AEG would never have agreed to finance this tour if they knew Mr Jackson was playing Russian roulette in his bedroom every night," he said, indicating that the promoters would have scrapped the tour if they'd known he'd been taking the anaesthetic, as reported by Sky News.

Katherine Jackson Prince Michael
Katherine & Prince Both Testified During The AEG Live Negligence Trial.

The trial heard testimony from more than 50 witnesses, including Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, his son Prince Michael, and his mother Katherine as well as AEG Live executive Randy Phillips who said he thought of Jackson as "a friend."

The five month civil case heard how the 'Thriller' singer had battled insomnia, chronic pain and a reliance upon powerful painkillers which led to Dr. Murray administering Propofol to allow the star to sleep.

The Jackson family have not yet issued a statement but their lawyer, Kevin Boyle, said the family was "of course [...] not happy with the result as it stands now," adding "We will be exploring all options legally and factually and make a decision about anything at a later time."