TJ Jackson and Katherine Jackson are permanently sharing custody of Michael Jackson's children. A Los Angeles judge just ruled that the temporary custody arrangement should be enforced permanently, meaning that Paris and Blanket are both under the guardianship. According to TMZ, "TJ has received enormous support from the Jackson family to take a guardianship role."

TJ is Michael Jackson's nephew but has reportedly been a 'father figure' to Paris and Blanket for years. He was warned by the judge, however, to be "mindful" of the huge rift that has been developing in the Jackson family over recent weeks. They have been plagued with a very public family scandal that has resulted in alleged punch-ups, name calling, deceit and accusations and the judge has landed TJ with the responsibility of ensuring that the family feud does not affect the children. As co-guardian of the children, TJ will also be responsible for the daily tasks involved in taking care of Jackson's kids, including managing the household staff and security.

Janet Jackson and a group of her siblings recently wrote a letter to the executors of Michael Jackson's estate, alleging that they forged the signature on his will and calling for them to resign. What followed was a confusing sequence of events, with the family matriarch Katherine Jackson being reported missing, only to be located in Arizona and later claiming that she was 'duped' into going there.