Katherine Schwarzenegger has been ''organising [her] house'' to help her stay ''calm'' amid the impending arrival of her first child.

The 30-year-old author is set to welcome her first child with her husband Chris Pratt, and with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, Katherine has found her pre-baby anxiety has been rising.

But to keep it at bay, the beauty has been making sure to surround herself with her ''loved ones'', as well as keeping herself busy by re-organising her entire house.

She said: ''I think number one, just surrounding yourself with your loved ones, in a safe way, obviously, has been nice. And then being able to do things like [going live] to stay connected. I think the blessing in this is that we do have the ability to continue to connect with people, whether it's on FaceTime, or doing Instagram Lives, and to be doing things that are entertaining and also educational and fun.

''I've also done a lot of organising in my house, because I like everything to look really clean and neat. Learning how to organise your own refrigerator and pantry, those are all things that definitely keep me calm in this crazy time; this crazy, unpredictable time.''

Katherine has also been spending more time in the kitchen in recent months, and has been getting 41-year-old Chris - who is already father to seven-year-old son Jack, whom he has with his ex-wife Anna Faris - to teach her some culinary skills.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she added: ''I've been baking a lot, and I would say my husband's been cooking a lot. I've been baking this granola, which I get the most requests from my family to make. I would say a huge amount of our time is definitely spent in the kitchen.

''For me, learning a lot. For Chris, teaching me a lot. It's been really fun. It's like a silver lining to be able to get more experience in the kitchen, and also be able to spend time with your loved ones in this quarantine. So, it's been a fun part of it.''

Meanwhile, the author recently said her husband has been very ''helpful'' amid her pregnancy.

She gushed: ''I'm really lucky to be living in very close proximity to my family, which has been very helpful. And then, obviously, I have a very wonderful husband who's very, it's been amazing having him home and also very understanding about my need to sanitise everything, having everyone wear masks all the time. That's been helpful. Also, having people like you who I text constantly about everything baby because I'm learning as I go and it's been an interesting time to be pregnant.''

Katherine is due to give birth ''this summer'', but the couple have not spoken about her exact due date.