Kathie Lee Gifford made a tearful return to 'The Today Show' following her husband's death this morning (17.08.15)

The US television presenter fought back the tears as she thanked fans, friends and family for the ''extraordinary'' outpouring of support that followed Frank Gifford's passing from natural causes on August 9.

Kathie Lee, who had to be consoled by co-host Hoda Kotb, said: ''He would want you to know that he died in complete peace. He knew every sin he had committed was forgiven.''

Paying tribute to her husband, a former New Yorks Giants player and US sports presenter, Kathie added that Frank ''never had an entitled moment in his life''.

She said: ''Stop every fireman you see and thank them. He did it all the time. He would stop crossing guards to roll down the window and say, 'Thank you for keeping the children safe.' He was so grateful. He knew what hard work was.''

The 62-year-old TV presenter said her husband died in his ''favourite outfit'' -- a white shirt and black jeans.

Kathie also took the opportunity to thank her family and friends, saying: ''I want to thank everybody for your love and your texts and your tweets and just the outpouring has been extraordinary.''

''It's a heck of a way to find out how loved you are. Believe me, my family and I got strength and comfort for it.''