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Tammy - Trailer And Clips

When Tammy is late for work following an unlikely road accident, she is fired from her job at Toppy Jacks fast food restaurant. And that's just the icing on the cake when she gets home to find that her husband has been sleeping with their neighbour. With nowhere to stay, she decides to take a road trip to Niagara Falls, but first she needs to borrow the car from her mother. When she refuses, the only person left to turn to is her alcoholic and diabetic grandmother Pearl who, unfortunately for Tammy, also happens to have an adventurous streak and wants to come along for the ride. The journey is, predictably, full of serious hitches. Not only does Pearl get arrested, but Tammy gets into some serious trouble with the police after she attempts an 'armed' robbery on a nearby Toppy Jacks, crashes a speedboat on the side of a lake and nearly runs some sightseers over in a nature park. It's no smooth ride, but it could be the perfect bonding experience.

'Tammy' is a hilarious new comedy serving as main star Melissa McCarthy's ('The Heat', 'Bridesmaids') first venture into film writing. It co-stars and has been co-written and directed by her husband Ben Falcone in his directorial debut and it is scheduled for UK release on July 4th 2014.

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Melissa McCarthy Shines In First Indie Project, "Tammy"

Melissa McCarthy Kathy Bates Allison Janney Susan Sarandon

Melissa McCarthy’s star has risen rather rapidly over 2013 and 2014, with the world finally catching on to the comedienne’s brilliance. Now, despite a whole load of stupid that she has to deal with on the regular – a quick look at the message boards on her IMDB page proves it’s quite a lot – McCarthy now has both the time and the influence to work on her own pet projects.

Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone
McCarthy and Falcone at the New York premiere of Tammy.

Enter Tammy, McCarthy’s new movie, opening July 2. She stars in the road-trip comedy, which she also co-wrote with her husband Ben Falcone. This is Falcone’s directorial debut, but despite its indie vibe, the movie is getting a pretty good rap from critics.

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Evan Peters "Pumped" Michael Chiklis & Kathy Bates Will Play His Parents In AHS Freak Show

Michael Chiklis Evan Peters Emma Roberts Jessica Lange Kathy Bates

Michael Chiklis, the actor best known for his roles in The Shield and the Fantastic Four movies, will be joining the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Michael Chiklis
Michael Chiklis has joined the cast of American Horror Story.

The announcement was made during the final night of PaleyFest in which the last season of American Horror Story: Coven, was celebrated. Other cast members appear to be thrilled at the prospect of working alongside Chiklis, none more so than Evan Peters who will play his son on the upcoming season.

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Tammy - Teaser Trailer

Tammy's life seems to have just become an unfortunate string of events having been dismissed from her job at fast food joint Toppy Jacks and discovered that her husband has been having an affair with the neighbour. Now penniless and virtually homeless, Tammy decides to set out on a road trip to Niagara Falls. Her mother down the street refuses to lend her the car, however, and she is forced to beg a favour from her diabetic but resolutely alcoholic grandmother Pearl. Unfortunately for Tammy, Pearl wants to come along for the ride, and after finding out that Pearl has enough money to provide for them both on the way, Tammy accepts - even if it means becoming her grandmother's personal carer. It's by no means a smooth ride, with Pearl getting arrested and Tammy trying to rob a Toppy Jacks, but it could change both their lives forever.

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AHS Coven Recap: "Go To Hell" Or The One Where Everybody Died.

Jessica Lange Taissa Farmiga Gabourey Sidibe Emma Roberts Angela Bassett Kathy Bates

Besides being the most aptly named episode of American Horror Story so far  – several characters literally went to hell – last night's Go To Hell also finally laid out some of this season’s mechanics, like those infamous Seven Wonders we’ve been hearing so much about. And do we even need to say it? Spoilers ahead. So many spoilers.

Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange
With Fiona (Jessica Lange) and three other characters biting the dust in this episode, things are hitting the fan.

"Every generation needs its leader, the Supreme. No simple test could ever determine the sovereign among us. We rely upon seven,” we learn from a handy witchcraft tutorial. Those seven turn out to be telekinesis, concilium (controlling someone else’s mind), transmutation (transporting oneself to another location), divination (to see the future), vitalum vitalis (to bring a person back from the dead), descensum (to move between life and the afterlife) and pyrokinesis (to control fire with the mind). This means that whoever gets to be the Supreme (Fiona was betting on Queenie in this episode) will have to perform all three during a ceremony in the next and final episode.

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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 7 'The Dead' Recap

Jessica Lange Kathy Bates Evan Peters Emma Roberts

American Horror Story has taken convoluted and bizarre to a whole new level. Season 3, Episode 7 entitled 'The Dead' aired on Wednesday night (20th November).

Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange
Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange star in American Horror Story: Coven as Cordelia and her mother Fiona.

Madison (Emma Roberts) is back from the dead, thanks to Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), and is struggling to feel anything. She overeats, takes drugs and finally ends up in the arms of Kyle (Evan Peters). Kyle is still unable to speak and has discovered, owing to numerous tattoos around his body, that he is made up of his fraternity brother's body parts. Zoe considers killing Kyle, concerned he is a danger after killing his sexually abusive mother, but changes her mind. She attempts to communicate with Kyle but he is reduced to being a comfort for both Madison and Zoe simultaneously.

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American Horror Story Season 4 To Be Set In New Orleans, Or Santa Fe

Kathy Bates Angela Bassett Jessica Lange

Executive producer Ryan Murphy has revealed that American Horror Story season four will either stick around in New Orleans or move to Santa Fe. Murphy also confirmed that it won't be a contemporary story.

Kathy Bates American Horror StoryKathy Bates in 'American Horror Story'

"It's either going to shoot in New Orleans or it's going to shoot in Santa Fe," he told Entertainment Weekly. 

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'American Horror Story' Picked Up For Fourth Season

Kathy Bates Jessica Lange

American Horror Story won't be leaving our screens any time soon, as the hit FX horror series has been picked up for a fourth season by studio bosses at FX. The Ryan Murphy-created show has been ordered for another 13-episode run by FX chiefs, who announced their plans to continue with the show earlier this week (via TV Guide).

AHS: Coven
Kathy Bates is one of the main attractions in the latest season

"Put simply, Ryan Murphy is a master television producer," John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions, said in a statement released on behalf of the station. "Time and time again he reinvents the form...Every year, they create a riveting and brilliant new miniseries. AHS: Coven is the best yet, and I have no doubt that the next installment will be even better."

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American Horror Story: Coven Promises A Love Story, Humour & Friendship

Jessica Lange Taissa Farmiga Evan Peters Kathy Bates

The usual cast are back for American Horror Story: Coven: Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters are joined by some new faces such as Peters' girlfriend (and niece of actress Julia Roberts) Emma Roberts; and established actress Kathy Bates.

Taissa Farmiga
Taissa Farmiga returns to the series as Zoe Benson.

American Horror Story: Coven will see Zoe Benson (Farmiga) sent to a special school for witches in New Orleans. It seems the 'coven' are not much like what you would usually understand a group of witches to be like, but rather a breed of witches with specific and dangerous powers. As with the previous two series there has to be sex involved, this time creator Ryan Murphy has thrown out the PVC cat suit; instead making it so any character who Zoe has sex with dies.

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The Third Season Of American Horror Story Has Been Announced, Along With A Special Guest Star

Kathy Bates Jessica Lange

After the long and tenuous radio silence regarding the return of American Horror Story, creator Ryan Murphy and co. have finally spoken: it’s coming back!

At the 2013 Paley Fest, the name and location of the third season was finally revealed, along with some other teasers. But we know what you’re all waiting for. And the name of the upcoming third season is… drumroll please… American Horror Story: Coven. How exciting! But you’re probably all eager to learn all the good stuff, like where will the story be set, what’s the central premise, etc. Well, for the first time, the series will be filmed on location in New Orleans. And as we all know from the 90s, that town is a veritable goldmine of suitably creepy locations. Murphy himself went into some more detail about this season and the location: "It's a really cool story we've been talking about for a couple of years. So we're going to do that," he explained. “The fun thing is researching what are the really haunted places in America, and we have a couple doozy locales.” Sounds like the making of a chilling season, if you ask us – for the settings, if nothing else.

Kathy Bates, AACTA Awards
Beloved actress Kathy Bates will join the cast of American Horror Story for the third season.

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You May Not Kiss The Bride Trailer

Brian is a highly ordinary pet photographer who clashes with formidable Croatian crime kingpin Vadik Nikitin following an unforeseen incident. Nikitin seizes the opportunity and blackmails Brian into marrying his daughter Masha in return for not killing him. The marriage is set to be strictly on paper, with no consummation, so she can get US citizenship but Brian's infatuated assistant Tonya is heartbroken nonetheless. Brian and Masha are sent to Tahiti on their honeymoon where they unexpectedly fall in love; their romance looks set to have a fairytale ending before Masha is suddenly kidnapped. Brian sets out to rescue her with Tonya and two eccentric hotel workers, Ernesto and Lani, with Masha's jealous English suitor and right-hand man to Nikitin, Brick, hot on their tails.

This side-splitting Rom Com has got to be the least serious love story to come out this year with stereotypical gangster action and a cheesy but cheerful meant-to-be romance. Directed and written by Rob Hedden (writer for 'The Condemned' and 'Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan'), the delightfully charming 'You May Not Kiss The Bride' will not fail to amuse audiences anywhere on its scheduled cinema release this autumn on September 21st 2012.

Starring: Katharine McPhee, Dave Annable, Mena Suvari, Rob Schneider, Tia Carrere, Vinnie Jones, Ken Davitianv, and Kathy Bates.

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Midnight In Paris Review

After a run of loose, uneven films, Allen hits the right notes in this funny, astute comedy about artistic creation and personal dreams. And Wilson turns out to be one of the best on-screen Allen surrogates in years.

Blocked writer Gil (Wilson) is visiting Paris with his wife Inez (McAdams) and her high-achieving parents (Fuller and Kennedy). When they run into Inez's know-it-all ex (Sheen), Gil starts having second thoughts about everything. He also begins to wish he'd lived in Paris in the artistic heyday of the 1920s, and is stunned one night to find himself in some kind of magical time-warp, rubbing shoulders with F Scott Fitzgerald (Hiddleston), Gertrude Stein (Bates) and Ernest Hemmingway (Stoll). He also begins to fall for Adriana (Cotillard), a muse for Picasso and Modigliani.

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Midnight In Paris Trailer

Gil and Inez are young couple who decide to travel to France with Inez's family. Gil is a very successful screenwriter in Hollywood and when he announces to Inez that he wishes to write his debut novel, she's supportive bu not exactly taken with the idea. When the opportunity to visit Paris arises, both Inez and Gil - who's had a fascination with the city for many years-, feel it's a perfect vacation.

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A Little Bit Of Heaven Review

Shot in the style of a bland Hollywood rom-com, this film is actually a weepie drama with a bit of magical realism thrown in. It's such an odd hybrid that we're never sure whether we should laugh or cry. So we do neither.

Marley (Hudson) is a high-flying New Orleans advertising exec who doesn't believe that romance is necessary. Although she does have loyal friends: ditsy colleague Sarah (Punch), happy family woman Renee (DeWitt) and cheerful neighbour Peter (Malco). On the other hand, she tries to avoid to her estranged, warring parents (Bates and Williams). Then during a medical test, she has a vision of God (Goldberg), who grants her three wishes before she dies of cancer. But she certainly isn't seeking the love that grows between her and Julian (Garcia Bernal), her doctor.

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Valentine's Day Review

With an enormous ensemble cast and more intertwined plots than you can count, this fluffy concoction is shamelessly sentimental and silly, and yet it's also an undemanding crowd-pleaser.

Valentine's Day in Los Angeles brings a series of romantic crises. A flower seller (Kutcher) has proposed to his less-than-keen girlfriend (Alba), then discovers his best friend's (Garner) boyfriend (Dempsey) is married. A phone-sex operator (Hathaway) is afraid to tell her boyfriend (Grace) what she does for a living. An romance-hating publicist (Biel) is helping her client (Dane) manage a media storm. A group of teens (Swift, Lautner, Roberts and Jenkins) are grappling with chastity. And two strangers (Roberts and Cooper) strike up a conversation on a trans-Atlantic flight.

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Kathy Bates and Directors Guild Of America Tuesday 16th June 2009 Screening Of 'Cheri' at Directors Guild of America Theatre New York City, USA

Kathy Bates and Directors Guild Of America

The Family That Preys Review

Tyler Perry is trying. Instead of sticking exclusively to the urban morality plays that made him a certified superstar, he appears to be broadening his niche-based appeal. And he's doing so by taking risks both in and outside the medium. Sure, most of his movies have been nothing more than mere translations of his theatrical works, but efforts like Daddy's Little Girls, and now The Family That Preys, show an artist who is at least endeavoring to expand his horizons.

Alice Pratt (Alfre Woodard) and Charlotte Cartwright (Kathy Bates) have been friends for over 30 years. The former runs a small diner. The latter is the CEO of a local construction company. Alice has two daughters -- snooty career gal Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) and honest, hardworking Pam (Taraji P. Henson). Charlotte has a conniving son named William (Cole Hauser) who cheats on his wife Jillian (KaDee Strickland). After marrying the decent Chris (Rockmond Dunbar), Andrea begins a torrid affair with her boss -- who happens to be William. He wants to take over for his aging mother, believing it is his birthright. In the meantime, a new employee (Robin Givens) stirs things up for the adulterous duo. Soon, all the simmering secrets in the Pratt and Cartwright households will be out in the open.

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Kathy Bates - Thursday 1st November 2007 at BAFTA Los Angeles, California

Kathy Bates

Titanic (1997) Review

So here I am, newly engaged, and the subject of honeymoons comes up. I hate the sun, and I don't like flying, so naturally, I say: Cruise! How about Alaska? This is the best idea we've come up with so far... and then we go to see Titanic.

Well, I can't think of anything that would change my mind faster than the sight of 1500 ice-covered dead bodies, bobbing up and down in the ocean, after the sinking of a luxury liner. Let's jump right on the boat, huh?

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Unconditional Love Review

Great googly moogly, what have these filmmakers and stars gotten themselves into with Unconditional Love?

In a plot that I can only describe as inspired-by-peyote, Kathy Bates decides to head to rural Britain for the funeral of a murdered pop star after hubby Dan Aykroyd abruptly dumps her. Dressed in sequins and seen mainly in Six Feet Under-like flashbacks/materializations, Jonathon Pryce plays the pop star. As it turns out, pop star is gay and has left his estate to his lover (Rupert Everett). Bates and Everett then take it upon themselves to hunt down the murderer. What follows includes both Barry Manilow and Sally Jessy Raphael.

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Angus Review

Bring together big stars George C. Scott, Rita Moreno, and Kathy Bates to do a feature film and what do you get? A movie about a teenager named Angus, "the fat kid who's good at science and fair at football" and who just wants to be accepted. What else would you expect?

While not really a "kids' movie," Angus is a workmanlike coming-of-age film, full of slapstick and insult trading among the youthful cast and their parents. Angus is played by newcomer Charlie Talbert (who was discovered in a Wendy's restaurant). Bates plays Mom, and Scott is Grandpa. With the help of his nerdy friend Troy (Chris Owen), Angus chases after local beauty Melissa (Jurassic Park's Ariana Richards) and overcomes the obstacles placed before him by the requisite jock-bullies who are threatened by his being different.

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Love Liza Review

Very Good
Philip Seymour Hoffman is a great actor. I have loved his work ever since his repressed, awkward nurse-man in Boogie Nights. However, this type of awkward and odd guy seems to the only role he plays. What would be a real stretch for Hoffman's magnificent acting abilities would be to play an average, everyday Joe. But somehow, I imagine, that too would come across as eccentric and idiosyncratic. In his latest role in Love Liza, Hoffman plays a troubled and tender widower, attempting to reorient his life in the face of his wife's suicide and the letter she left behind. This role, then, is a bit different, if only because Hoffman appeared at one point to have been an average, everyday man: successful web designer and loving husband. However, the movie doesn't begin until after his wife's death and thus follows his mental breakdown and journey to oddville, which really for Hoffman is just a return to normality.

Gordy Hoffman's script, awarded best screenplay at Sundance 2002, offers little more in terms of plot. Rather I would characterize the developments of the script as taking place in well-defined and highly differentiated moments. Of course, they all flow together into a linear and cohesive story, but everything about the film, from the writing and the direction down to the lighting and music (a nice score by Jim O'Rourke) maintains a kind of individualization of scenes. These key scenes build like motifs defined by their content.

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