Having joined the critically-acclaimed FX series during its third season, horror icon Kathy Bates has played a number of roles in 'American Horror Story'. Her first was Delphine LaLaurie in 'Coven'; a slave owner who killed those she deemed less than her. She then returned in 'Freak Show' as bearded lady Ethel Darling, before taking up the role of hotel manager Iris in season 5, and becoming the Butcher in season 6, 'Roanoke'.

Kathy Bates won't be back for 'American Horror Story: Cult'Kathy Bates won't be back for 'American Horror Story: Cult'

As a staple of the show, Bates' career was given a new life following her debut in 'Coven' and she has since become a household name all over again, following her terrific starring role in the movie adaptation of Stephen King's horror novel 'Misery'. Unfortunately, this time around, that won't be the case for Bates.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, scheduling conflicts mean that Bates won't be appearing in 'AHS' season 7, 'Cult', at all. Instead, she's been working on upcoming Netflix series 'Disjointed', created by Chuck Lorre and set to debut a little later this month.

The role is a hugely different one for Bates, with the series actually being a comedy all about pot. Bates plays a lifelong advocate for legalising marijuana throughout the United States called Ruth who's finally living the dream as the owner of a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho, Elizabeth Alderfer, Aaron Moten and Tone Bell all also star.

Chuck Lorre Productions who will deliver the series are also responsible for huge hits including 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Mike & Molly' and 'Two And A Half Men', so there's every opportunity that 'Disjointed' could become the next big thing.

Though Bates won't be a part of this season's 'AHS' story, we're sure showrunner Ryan Murphy won't let her fall to the wayside in the future. If this is the end of her 'American Horror Story', it'd be a darn shame. 

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'Disjointed' premieres on Netflix on August 25. 'American Horror Story: Cult' debuts on FX on September 5 in the US and on FOX in the UK on September 8.