Kathy Griffin made it seven years in a row when she hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve special alongside anchor Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve. In her previous seven appearances Kathy has been prone to the occasional piece of eccentricity and for her latest chance to ring in the new year, she was on arresting form again.

Kathy GriffinAnderson Cooper
Griffin and Cooper brought the laughs once again

Griffin and Cooper have become a formidable team on New Years Eve and the 2013/14 celebration offered no exception to the rule, as the pair brought the laughs and cheer in abundance, but it was Griffin's own performance that stood out from the pack. In the past, Griffin has cursed on live television, stripped down to her undies, simulated sexual acts and more during her tenure with Cooper, prompting Cooper to take drastic measures this year.

The news anchor had made a large poster that read 'No Swearing, No Stripping, No Touch, No Simulations' to go with a contract he made Griffin sign too. Soon after signing the guarantee, Griffin kind of went against her word by slapping a pair of cuffs on Cooper's wrists and claiming that she did not have a key. As it would be for everyone else, Cooper claimed the time they spent cuffed together was "truly my worst nightmare," as they remained joined by the wrist for the rest of the CNN broadcast.

Cooper later took to Twitter to assure his fans that he had eventually been freed from the cuffs by security personnel, but did not say whether he will seek professional help to deal with the trauma of the night.