Katie Holmes recently spoke to Allure magazine for a front cover story and in what is one of the first personal insights into the actress' life since her well-publicised split from Tom Cruise last year, she gave an open and honest discussion about herself for the magazine.

Although she didn't discuss Cruise and their split in the interview, she did speak candidly about life after Cruise though, particularly her hopes of restarting family life and potentially adding to her brood. She told the magazine that she is 'open' to the idea of having more children in the near future, and although she didn't admit to having any potential fathers in mind, she told Allure, ‘I don’t know. I’m open to it.’

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes may consider moving away from acting for a while.

The actress, who filed from divorce form her husband of 5-year Cruise in June last year, also discussed where her next career move may potentially take her. Although she discussed her ambitions to make it big on Broadway following the unexpected flop that was Dead Accounts, the 2012 production that saw her return to acting before being forced to close weeks ahead of its planned end date, she also discussed a potential career change. The 34 year-old discussed her ambitions of following in the family tradition of becoming an attorney, telling the magazine, ‘Well, my brother and father are attorneys, and – we’ll see,’ Katie said. ‘I like the practical thinking of attorneys.’

The April issue of Allure, staring Holmes, goes on sale nationwide March 26.