Rounding off a difficult year, which also included the finalisation of her divorce with Tom Cruise, sees Katie Holmes latest show on Broadway close 2 months early. 

As the New York Times reports, 'Dead Accounts' lies dead in the water as the five person play has flopped with both critics and audiences. Despite the A-List celebrity as one of its leads when something isn't making enough money, there are few ways around it. "For the week ending Dec. 23, it made just under 25 per cent of its potential gross at the Music Box" - clearly it had to close.

Dead Accounts is the comic story of a 'prodigal son' returning home and the ways he is received by the different members of his family. Written by Theresa Rebeck, apparently most critics are putting this disaster down to the script rather than the performances and NY Daily News said "[Holmes] throws herself gamely into her second Broadway show... [but her] efforts add up to zilch." 

Good job she still has the movies, although her last movie Jack and Jill saw her receive pretty awful reviews there. Okay, so what she really has is a very stylish daughter and a lot of money in the bank. That'll do.