Actress Katie Holmes has kept a low-profile since her divorce from Tom Cruies in 2012, but recently, she came out with an interview, where she talked – briefly – about the relationship and her life since. On Wednesday, Holmes stopped by Today to talk about her role in the upcoming movie The Giver and her daughter, Suri Cruise.

Katie Holmes
These days, Holmes takes her life and career "one day at a time."

"I'm a risk-taker," Holmes told Matt Lauer of her life as a self-described artist. "I love adventures and new things."

That description fits in pretty well with her role in The Giver, a YA dystopian book-to-movie adaptation, in which Holmes plays the unnamed mother of the protagonist. It’s a role that could re-launch her career in an entirely different light.

Matt Lauer asked the big question – how does the actress feel about the notoriety she gained thanks to her relationship with Cruise, instead of the hard work she was putting into her career at the time?

"You know what?" Holmes responded. "I never really look back. I just approach life [taking] it one day at a time. I'm really excited about where I am right now. I've had some really wonderful creative experiences. I'm just really grateful."

Currently, Holmes is trying to create a loving, normal environment for daughter Suri (8).

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She explained, "The most important thing for me is letting her know how proud I am and her accomplishments mean everything. Whatever I do is whatever. It's really just about her. That's what I think is most important."

Katie Holmes
Holmes' top priority is her daugher Suri.