Katie Holmes was left glaring at chat show host David Letterman on Thursday night (09JUN05) when he poked fun at the height and age difference between her and boyfriend Tom Cruise.

The former DAWSON'S CREEK star was a guest of Letterman's The Late Show in America to promote her new film Batman BEGINS when the host drew to her attention how much taller she seemed that her new man.

Holmes, who had already deflected the age difference question by stating Letterman was even old than Cruise, was stunned when cheeky Letterman posed, "You seem like, I'm guessing, maybe it's possible... that you might be a little taller."

Holmes tried to keep the interview light-hearted by telling the host, "I don't know what you're talking about," adding, "Whatever," as Letterman tried to continue the gag.

Letterman did try and get the last word in, adding "I'm sitting here and I'm thinking Tom Cruise has got the loveliest woman in the world. How does that happen, for God's sakes...? He's shorter than you are," before introducing a clip from her new movie.

Holmes hit back, stating, "I think he's sexy... I just wanted to add it."

11/06/2005 02:48