Katie Hopkins can be accused of many things but no one can claim that she is not doing her job. As a woman whose employment depends on her ability to say the most inappropriate thing she can think of to maintain constant public attention, she remains top of her game.

Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins has been busy tweeting controversy again

The outlandish columnist has posted yet another series of tweets that have appalled the nation, this time apparently annoyed about dementia patients.

On the back of what would seem to be no provocation, Hopkins informed the world of Twitter about her opinion on people who struggle with the disease.

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She said: "Dementia sufferers should not be blocking beds. What is the point of living life when you no longer know you are living it? Bang me over the head."

Predictably, the 39-year-old’s comments were met with a barrage of outrage from the nation and prompted the Alzheimer’s Society to defend her "disgraceful" and "ill-informed" sentiments.

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George McNamara, head of policy and public affairs at the charity, said: "These disgraceful remarks only serve to reinforce the stigma that sadly prevents many people with dementia from feeling like valued members of society.

"People with the condition tell us that with the right support it is entirely possible to live well and take real enjoyment out of daily life."

Whether Katie even believes all of the uncomfortable views she continues to air is surely questionable but what is not up for debate is that fact that this woman knows how to keep herself in a job.