Katie Price wants to be sent to prison, insisting it would be a "win-win situation" for her.

The 45-year-old star, who was declared bankrupt in 2019, is "fed up" of going to court more times than she has had "hot dinners" lately, and thinks a jail stint to "cover it all" would suffice.

She said on 'Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers' podcast: "The bankruptcy I'm in, I actually think it's quite good for me to be in a bankruptcy, and it's good because I can see everything that's going on now.

"Whereas before, I was in the fast lane. I'm so threatened with court letters.

"I've been to court more times than I've had hot dinners lately. I am not scared of court anymore. I have said, 'Can't you put me to prison just to cover it all? Just be done with it.'

"I genuinely don't care if I go to prison. Because it's done then."

If mother-of-five Katie - who has children Harvey, 21, Junior, 18, Princess, 16, 10-year-old Jett and nine - does end up in jail, she would be prepared to "do a story" about her life behind bars when she is released.

She said: "I love all the prison stuff and I can experience what it's like in there. "I could do a story when I come out of me in prison, and it's a win-win situation isn't it? It wouldn't affect my job, it wouldn't affect nothing.

"I wouldn't be in there long. If they keep threatening me, just do it. 'If you do this you could go to prison ...' Just do it."

Katie's latest comments come after she recently revealed plans for her fake breasts to be framed after her death.

Speaking to comedian Kathy Burke on the 'Where There's A Will, There's A Wake' podcast, she asked Katie: "This is what I find interesting because of your beautiful, enhanced bosom ... with cremation, I'm wondering if you've got enhanced bosoms. Oh, are you allowed to be cremated?"

To which she replied: "Oh yeah, because they might go all sticky from the silicone, would they melt? Can someone Google it?"

Katie was shocked to find out by a producer that her silicone-filled boobs would in fact die with her if she were cremated.

She reacted: "Are you joking? No, I'm gonna look awful.

"No, no, no. That wouldn't be me. They can't do that to me. I'll have to be buried then. Or, if I am cremated, they can frame my silicones so I'm still in the room. Can't get rid of me! I may have gone, but you can still stare at them boobs!"