Katie Price casually dropped the N-word on TWO occasions during her appearance on ‘This Morning’, which led the magazine show’s host Philip Schofield to upbraid her for the use of “deeply offensive words”.

The 38 year old entrepreneur and former fashion model appeared on the ITV show on Wednesday morning (April 26th) to speak about online bullying, and the experiences that she had had in dealing with trolls who had targeted her disabled son Harvey.

Katie PriceKatie Price caused controversy by using the N-word while discussing online bullying of her son

“Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****? Is that not abuse? Is it not abuse to do a sex video on my son? They called him a golliwog, that’s my son, is that acceptable?” she said in an impassioned speech, in her campaign to make online bullying a more serious criminal offence.

“It is deeply offensive,” said the programme’s host Schofield in response to her passionate speech before adding, “even people will be offended it’s been said here.”

However, his warning was not enough to deter Price from using the N-word again, as she said that the use of such words to insult people did not constitute freedom of speech.

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“Calling my son a n*****, is unacceptable,” she asserted, to which a flustered Phil snapped: “Yes you don’t need to say it again.”

Posting a video via her Twitter account shortly after her performance sparked controversy, Price defended her actions. “I'm glad I've made headlines using that word because I want to get it out there that it's not acceptable.”

A spokesperson for ‘This Morning’ later told Metro: “During the interview she recounted some of the abusive language that has been used against him which included an offensive word. This Morning apologise to any viewers that were offended by this.”

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