Airbrushing and photoshopping is a technique that’s attracted growing controversy in recent times, particularly when it seems to have been applied to erase flaws from the bodies of models on magazine covers, with some prominent female celebs arguing that the practice undermines body confidence and exacerbates self-esteem issues.

Now, Katie Price seems to have attracted criticism for applying the technique to herself in a picture she took on Instagram during a family holiday.

The 38 year old glamour model and entrepreneur is currently in the Maldives with her husband, Kieran Hayler, and five children. She took a photo of herself on the beach in a white bikini and pink sarong, holding her youngest son Jett – but eagle-eyed fans spotted something a little odd about her legs.

“You have the longest calf muscles known to mankind Katie #badphotoshop,” commented one follower, while another remarked: “Her leg looks suspiciously stretched to me as well.”

“Beautiful pic, makes me sad if you felt the need to manipulate this photo, and in all honesty, it looks like you have,” another one said.

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Other people were slightly more complimentary, but couldn’t help pointing out that her legs looked noticeably long and thin. “You look amazing and especially after five kids. Why photoshop it, your legs look about 6 feet tall,” one said, with another supporter saying “Love her but 100% she ain't that tall.”

It came just a few hours after Price posted another controversial picture, this time of her nine year old daughter, Princess, posing in a bikini.

Price had organised the holiday, on which she’s taken her five children, as a second honeymoon with her husband.

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