Katie Price could face a probe after being ''duped'' into illegally giving CBD oil to her daughter's puppy.

The 42-year-old reality star and her family were struck by tragedy in July when their new puppy Rolo - who had been a 13th birthday present for Katie's daughter Princess - died after falling asleep under an electric chair and being suffocated when someone unknowingly sat in the seat.

And now, it has been claimed the bulldog puppy sought out the quiet place to take a nap after being given CBD oil, a non-psychoactive cannabis derivative, which under The Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013 is an offence to give to a pet without a veterinary prescription.

Katie says the oil was included in the ''puppy hamper'' of supplies she got when she first picked up the pooch from its breeder, and insists she feels ''duped'', as she wasn't warned about the product.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''This simply can never ever happen again.''

Whilst a source added: ''As awful as it sounds, this will bring some comfort to Katie in understanding why Rolo crawled into the space.

''She feels let down too by a system that allows CBD oil to be marketed for pets despite it being illegal. Katie had backlash, hate mail, death threats and trolling over Rolo's tragic passing.

''As a family, they continue to mourn.''

A representative for Katie also said the star would be happy to join forces with animal rights organisations such as PETA to raise awareness for the dangerous practice.

They said: ''Katie was told the oil was for dogs and safe. It was endorsed by the breeder. Katie will join forces with Peta and any other groups that need her to speak out.''

However, the dog breeders who sold Katie the puppy have insisted they told the 'My Crazy Life' star to only give Rolo ''a dot'' of the oil, and have accused her of giving the puppy more than the recommended dose.

They claimed: ''I've spoken to vets and we had no idea it was breaking the law.

''There is no THC in so it can't get drowsy from it.

''One thing we did say to Katie was we only recommended a dot. Now I don't know what has gone on, we don't know how much she has given it.''

CBD is legal for human use but the British Veterinary Association says there is a ''lack of sufficient robust evidence'' to prove its safety for pets.