Katie Price is reportedly planning to sell off her mansion in West Sussex and move 230 miles north to her "dream home" in Yorkshire.

The 45-year-old former glamour model is said to be hoping to make a fresh start after being declared bankrupt for a second time by selling off her dilapidated property in the south of England and snapping up a £2.5 million home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Katie is sick of the Mucky Mansion and sees no future there now.

"She wants to move into her dream home and she reckons this could be it. Quite how it would work given her financial problems is a mystery, but she’s got it in her head this is happening."

Katie was previously declared bankrupt back in 2019 and it happened again in March after she was found to owe a a tax bill of around £762,000.

She previously hinted at plans to moving into a mobile home when she confessed she's tired of fans knocking on her door and asking for selfies.

Speaking on 'The Katie Price Show' podcast, she explained: "I do see the big American motorhomes, they're not cheap, but I could so live in one and just travel to different spots, not have all these bills or people just turning up at your doorstep asking for signatures or whatever it is.

"I don't mind, well I do mind actually when it's my home. I don't appreciate people driving through my gates up the driveway, waiting to see if they can see me in the house or knocking on the door. Or beeping their horn, just because they want a picture with me."

She added: "It's my home and I get suffocated everywhere I go. I don't mind doing pictures and stuff when I'm out, I'm happy to do all that. But when it's my home. Please."