With speculation of another pregnancy refusing to die down, Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has moved to shut down rumours that his wife is pregnant for the sixth time.

Being interviewed by New magazine, 28 year old Hayler, a personal trainer by profession, has said that he and Katie were working on toning up her stomach muscles and says that baggy clothes, worn for comfort, are to blame for the persistent pregnancy rumours.

Katie Price Kieran HaylerKatie Price with her husband Kieran Hayler in December 2015

“A lot of it is to do with what she wears. We both like to wear comfortable clothes like tracksuits and baggy tops so everyone thinks she's pregnant but she's not!” he said. Their new year’s resolution was to improve her diet and get fit and healthy at the same time, but she’s not the most enthusiastic gym-goer in the history of the world.

“Well, she's been pregnant for the last two years so it's been hard! But now she wants to get into shape more than ever. And I can cook her meals and train her in the gym so she won't have to worry about doing anything. She'll just have to turn up!”

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Hayler was asked whether Katie, a mother of five children (Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, Princess, 8, Jett, 2, and Bunny, 1), planned on getting an ultra-toned physique like her rival Jodie Marsh.

“Don't! She hates that!” he responded with a laugh. “She just wants to tone up and feel fitter. She doesn't need to lose any weight, she's tiny. It's more an insecurity thing.”

Price had accidentally triggered the rumours herself, writing on Instagram in November last year “3 days to go until exciting new thing (sic)" and putting a baby's bottle as one of the emojis afterwards. The announcement turned out to be a new app, but she’s since posted a picture of her flat tummy as proof that she isn’t expecting a baby.

“So funny people saying I have got a belly. I’m happy and content and lucky I can breath in and out #thinkwhatyouwant,” she captioned the split pic in December.

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