Katie Price has thrown herself into a number of relationships so much so she even got a tattoo of her ex-fiancee’s name on her ankle: Leo 27-02-11. Unfortunately, her husband seems to have a problem with the constant reminder of her past loves and has asked her to get her tattoo covered up.

Katie Price and Kieran HaylerKatie Price needs to cover up a tattoo of her ex-fiancee's name

The former glamour model got the inking when she was dating Leonardo Penna but her husband Kieron Hayler isn’t too thrilled with it.

Speaking on Loose Women, the mum-of-five revealed she is finished getting the names of her loved ones after also getting Pete’s name on her wrist which she then had to cover up with a rose.

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She said: "I’ve had tattoos in all different places and they hurt. I’ve got eight, I’ve got a lot on my private parts!

"Kieran has a go at me all the time for having a Leo tattoo. He’s like, ‘When are you going to cover that up?’

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"I will but it’s so painful. If you have it lasered off apparently it really hurts, so I’ll have to cover it with something."

Katie also revealed that Kieran has had a full length back tattoo of her to show her much he loves her.

She said: "I was shocked, it’s a whole picture of me, full length."