Katie Price's mucky mansion has caught on fire - again.

The 42-year-old TV star was shocked to hear her £1.3 million house in West Sussex had gone up in flames after a caretaker built a bonfire right next to the side of her home, two years after candled burning in the building also sparked a blaze.

Although Katie wasn't at the property, a neighbour spotted the flames and called the fire brigade, but the mother-of-five has come to believe the house is ''cursed''.

A source told The Sun Online: ''Katie was horrified when she was called about the fire - apparently the caretaker built a huge fire right next to the house, and when it went up the side of the house was covered in flames.

''It was a huge fire - a neighbour called the fire brigade thinking the house was burning down. It was put out in the end but you could see the smoke billowing across the road. She says the house is cursed.''

A spokesperson for the star confirmed the property had been on fire.

The representative said: ''I can confirm there was a fire on the grounds but no serious damage to the building.

''Eyewitnesses reported to the emergency services that the the house was on fire but thankfully it was brought safely under control before any serious damage was done to the building.''

Katie brought the 11-bedroom abode in 2014 but moved out in June to live with boyfriend Carl Woods, and when she did, she vowed never to live there again after giving one last farewell tour to fans.

Viewers were shocked when 'Through The Key Hole' host Keith Lemon visited the abode for the programme and pointed out everything from the piles of horse poo on the drive to the green scum in the pool.

Since then, her pal Kerry Katona has said the property was such a mess that it made her own home look like ''a bloody palace''.

The 40-year-old Atomic Kitten singer said: ''Seeing Katie Price's mucky mansion made me realise I live in a bloody palace!

''You know I love Kate, but looking at all that stuff all over the floor in different rooms gave me anxiety!

''Kate's like me - she's given a lot of free things and it is tricky to know what to do with it all.

''I don't envy her having to sort through that lot!''