Katie Price and JJ Slater's romance happened "super naturally".

The 45-year-old star and JJ began dating in 2023, and JJ has admitted to being very happy with Katie.

JJ - who first found fame on the TV show 'Married At First Sight' - told MailOnline: "It wasn't something I was looking for ... I had been on 'Married At First Sight UK', which was a stressful and intense experience, but with Kate and I ... it just happened super naturally.

"We met for coffee and met as friends, and we got on really well as friends and it developed from there, which was really nice. There was no pressure, we both just really fancied and liked each other."

JJ has always been attracted to the former glamour model.

And the 31-year-old TV star has now revealed how they first connected with each other.

He shared: "Kate actually reached out when she heard about my diabetes diagnosis, saying she was really sorry to hear this and again, this is how something good has come from it ... is Kate. She was being kind, which I appreciated and then it went from there…

"Of course, she is obviously a very, very attractive lady and I do fancy her, she's my girlfriend now … but I have always thought she was fit."

JJ has also insisted that he doesn't worry about their age gap.

He said: "The funny is I had messaged Kate years before, but she never opened it, which she has now found.

"With our age … It's not even a consideration … age doesn't matter at all; age is just a number and when you're older it's not an issue. We're both on the same page and wave length and that's all that matters."