Katie Price gets embarrassed buying tampons.

The 34-year-old TV star doesn't enjoy going to supermarkets because she is always worried people are looking at what she puts on the checkout, especially when she has to stock up on feminine hygiene products.

She said: ''I'm there (at the supermarket) to shop, I'm not going, 'Oh who's looking at me,' I'm there to shop! I want to get in and out just like everyone else. Obviously when I'm in the queue I think, 'Is anyone looking at the conveyor belt looking at what I'm having for dinner?'

''When the Tampax and that go through, I think ... well, it's embarrassing because they know exactly what you are ... Just because you're in the public eye, does it matter?''

Katie - who is also known as Jordan - also revealed she will be getting her Argentinean fiance Leandro Penna to sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married, following her failed relationships with Peter Andre and Alex Reid.

Speaking on UK TV show 'The Wright Stuff', she said: ''We are engaged, but I've been married twice before and I've learnt my lesson. So I'll be getting a proper pre-nup this time.

''I'm not going to get married unless they sign. Or unless they've got more than me to lose!''