Katt Williams has yet another legal issue to contend with after the controversial comic was arrest for the umpteenth time in only a few weeks after being pulled up on an outstanding warrant whilst in Dunnigan, California.

KCRA broke the news that the cuffs were slapped on Williams by Yolo County Sheriffs deputies last night (Dec 7), after he was made to pull into a nearby gas station by traffic police where he was then taken into police custody. It is believed that the charges with which Williams was booked stems back to a reckless driving incident that occurred in November, although no official police statement has been made as of yet.

Williams is currently embroiled in a whole heap of legal troubles at the moment, his driving offenses are frankly the least of his problems. Williams still has to face charges for his assault of a worker at a Target store in Woodland, Cali, with the comic scheduled to appear in court in January for that particular crime. Williams is also faces charges involving him in a bar fight last weekend (Nov 30), as well as his on stage meltdown just prior to the slew of recent offences.