Comedian Katt Williams was arrested last year for reckless driving which lead to a police car chase. He then missed his arraigned court date earlier this week, which lead the judge to put a warrant out for his arrest, again, reports TMZ.

The comedian, who is set to appear in the next Scary Movie flick - the fifth in the series - to be released later this year, was arrested outside his home in Los Angeles when police spotted him, knowing that there was a warrant out for him. He was entirely cooperative with police, reports claim. However, after leaving jail once the $100,500 bail had been paid, he told TMZ that the reason he missed his court date was because he was in court elsewhere! 

Williams is currently fighting a custody battle with his former nanny for his 8 children, one of whom is a biological son while the other seven are adopted. The battle has been going to and fro for months, and after choosing that court date over his criminal court date, it didn't work out so well. "No, I actually don't [have custody]" he said. "[T]he lady who tried to take 'em and lost in court twice, they gave 'em to her."