Don't pretent your surprised, because Katt Williams has been arrested once again in only a short period of time since his last run in with the law. This time round, he was put in cuffs at a gas station in Dunnigan, California, after police called him up for an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Williams has been a wanted man since November 25th, when he evaded police after a high speed chase in Sacramento, Cali. Having been in and out of the state since then, causing havoc wherever he went, police have been unable to book him for his outstanding warrant, until yesterday that is. According to KCRA, Yolo County Sheriffs deputies pulled Williams over after a routine traffic stop, upon which they discovered his outstanding warrant and took him into police custody.

Regardless of why he was called in to police custody doesn't really matter, for as far as we're concerned the further Williams is away from the public for now the better, as his bizarre and often illegal activities only seem to be getting worse. His driving offences are just one of his legal troubles, which include him getting involved in a bar fight after a show in Seattle, during which he allegedly threw a rock at a car, and lets not forget the time when he slapped a Target employee in the face a few weeks ago. 

Williams posted for bail on Saturday (Dec 8) morning and will face court on his assault charges against the Target employee in January next year.