Comedian Katt Williams may not have a whole lot to laugh about given the slew of legal trouble coming his way, with the comic's erratic behaviour of late seemingly getting all the more out of hand.

In the most recent case to come forward, Williams is wanted by California Police for reckless driving, which resulted in a chase between police and Williams (on a three-wheel motorcycle) on November 25th. Speaking to KCRA-TV, a spokesperson from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said that a warrant is out for Katt's arrest, with the California Highway Patrol admitting that the pursuit began when police spotted the comic driving on the sidewalk near a Hyatt Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

William's latest police bust-up occurred when he failed to show up at an arranged hearing in Seattle earlier this week where has supposed to be facing assault charges stemming from several run-ins with people and police last weekend. Speaking on his behalf at the hearing, Williams' attorney told the judge on Thursday (6 Dec) that the comedian was led to believe that he hasn't supposed to attend the hearing, revealing that he was still at home in California.

The charges that Katt is faces stem back to an incident that occurred last Friday (Nov 30), when authorities say Williams struck a man over the head with a microphone while performing that night. The police report goes on to say that the comic threw chairs at fans, and threatened a bar manager with a pool cue over the following weekend.