Katt Williams is keeping busy, but not in a good way, unfortunately. The comedian's most recent stunt was getting into a massive fight outside a Hollywood nightclub on Friday night, mere hours after he had been arrested for child endangerment, and subsequently being released on bail, worth $100 000.

The funny-man was seen alongside Suge Knight, who almost mowed down several people in his SUV, after throwing a few punches while getting to the vehicle.

The video, released by TMZ, doesn’t make it clear what the cause of the disturbance was, but Williams and Knight, who manages Katt, were certainly in a hurry to get away from the scene. Then again, that might have been due to the people chasing them into their car and off the premises. This newest incident comes right on the heels of another disturbance, in which Katt was arrested in front of a Subway, while Suge was getting a mani-pedi. We couldn’t make this stuff up. To tally up: in the past month Williams has slapped a Target employee, been arrested for a disturbance and for child endangerment, gotten in trouble over unpaid taxes and gotten in a bar fight. Well, at least the man keeps things interesting. What would the holiday season be without a good brawl here and there?

Watch the video footage below, courtesy of TMZ: