Celebrities can use their platforms for more than just album sales, self promotion and controversy – Katy Perry, of all people, proved as much on Sunday night, when she used her Grammy performance – By the Grace of God – to highlight domestic abuse and give a platform to a survivor. Perry was joined onstage by President Barack Obama, who introduced her.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry looking like a beautiful, surreal alien queen at the Grammys.


“Artist have a unique power to change minds and attitudes,” the President said.

Perry took the stage, looking solemn and dignified in a flowing white dress. But the highlight of the evening was Brooke Axtell, a domestic violence survivor, who performed a spoken word piece after Perry’s song.

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“Authentic love does not devalue another human being,” she said to the audience. “Authentic love does not silence shame or abuse.”

Ever since she ditched the cupcake bra, Perry has been very outspoken about female empowerment and Axtell’s definitely taken notice. In fact, this was what made the Austin-based activist want to collaborate with Perry in the first place.

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“It's an honor to collaborate with Katy in this way,” Axtell recently told People. “She has been very devoted to various aspects of female empowerment. It's going to bring a lot of encouragement and freedom to those who hear my story and know that they are not alone in this."