Katy Perry was left slightly surprised after she invited a fan up to the stage during one of her songs, who then proceeded to spend most of her time groping the singer.

Perry was performing a gig at the Rock In Rio festival in Brazil as part of her Prismatic World Tour on Sunday night (September 27th), and before one of the tracks she stopped to pick out a young female fan, identified by some as being called ‘Rayane’, from the front row to the stage. However, the fan seemed generally a bit out of it, and couldn’t stop touching her idol.

Katy PerryKaty Perry was kissed by a girl - and didn't like it!

Ever the consummate professional, Perry went on with her performance despite her discomfort with the situation, briefly interrupting it to tell the crowd “she’s kissing my neck!” and letting out some surprised whoops when the fan grabbed her butt.

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Perry joked that “I think she’s rolling” (or using MDMA) and needed hydration. “We might need that water back. We need some water,” she can be heard saying in a video that was captured by a fan.

Eventually, when she persuaded the girl to let go of her and stand at an appropriate distance, they chatted briefly. But, when Perry asked her to teach her some words in Portuguese, the fan went to grab Perry’s boobs again and start kissing her. She did manage to get a selfie for all her troubles, however.

At the end of the song, Perry sent the adoring fan away with a pat on the butt, which only prompted her to go back in for a final hug. “You’re not my first,” Katy said jokingly, “and you won’t be my last.”

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