Katy Perry has launched her third perfume 'Killer Queen,' sold in a sceptre-shaped bottle in a royal shade of red. The supposedly regal scent, priced from £23.50, is marketed as "lethally gorgeous" with Perry herself parading about in ermine in the opulent promo video.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry Has A Penchant For The Decadence Of Royalty.

Using the slogan "Own The Throne," the ad shows Katy as an 18th century Queen, clad in powdered wig and being dressed in corsetry and framed skirts by bustling servants. After becoming exasperated with all the attention and tight undergarments, Queen Katy whips out a knife, cuts off her skirts and lets lose her hair before storming the throne room.

Watch Katy Perry's 'Killer Queen' Fragrance Promo:

According to the bottle's blurb "The new, strikingly gorgeous fragrance that captures Katy Perry's rebellious spirit throwing convention to the wind," reports Heat World. If 'Killer Queen' is supposedly the scent of royalty, can we just point to the horrendously disease and gout-ridden royals of Britain's monarchical history: Henry VII certainly wasn't famed for his perfumed pits and fragranced feet.

Katy Perry Queen
The 'I Kissed A Girl Singer' Plays A Rebellious Royal.

Whilst Perry's perfume launches in the UK, Katy is on tour with her on/off boyfriend and country singer, John Mayer. She was spotted on tour with Mayer this week as part of his 'Born and Raised' tour to promote his new album, Paradise Valley. Although their relationship is all over the place in real life, Perry and Mayer managed to find calm and harmony in their collaborative track, 'Who You Love,' which a sweet track about realising who you love.

Katy Perry Roar
Roar! Katy Perry Scared Fans Into Buying Her New Song.

Perry performed at the MTV music video awards last Sunday and has seen her latest single, 'Roar,' from her upcoming album, Prism, shoot to No.1: her 12th top ten single.

'Killer Queen' is priced in the UK at £23.50 for 30ml, £29.50 for 50ml and £38.50 for 100ml.Katy Perry's Prism will be released on 22nd October.