Katy Perry used to worry she lacked maternal instinct.

The 35-year-old singer is due to give birth to her and fiance Orlando Bloom's baby girl in the coming days but she admitted she never used to feel destined for motherhood, until she was able to ''reprogramme'' her thoughts on her own strict Christian upbringing.

She told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: ''Five years ago, I would be like, 'Get this out of me.'

''But I traced back the reasons I felt insecure about it from my own upbringing. And then I reprogrammed them. Our brain is really malleable. You can reshape it any time you want.''

But Katy admitted her upbringing has meant she ''thrives'' when her surroundings are chaotic.

She said: ''I was kind of born into chaos. So I thrive in it.''

The 'Smile' singer is looking forward to bringing up her child ''differently than the way I was raised'' and will encourage her to follow creative ambitions, as well as giving her ''choice and freedom of thought.''

As her pregnancy progresses, Katy has begun to slow down and admitted she is ''clutching the railing of the stairs harder'' because it's getting more awkward to move.

And the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer has taken a healthier approach to snacks.

She said: ''Dates. Whenever moms were like, 'Fruit for dessert!' I was like, 'Go f*** yourself.' But now I get it.''

Meanwhile, the 'Chained to the Rhythm' hitmaker briefly split from Orlando in 2017 and when they reconciled the following year, she wrote 'Never Worn White' for the 'Lord of the Rings' star, who was ''very moved'' by the gesture.

She said: ''He was very moved. It's the most personal gift I can give.''