Katy Perry will not be toning down her outrageous dress sense in 2011.

The 'Firework' singer is renowned for her crazy sense of style - wearing items as diverse as blue and purple wigs, dresses with holes in them and costumes styling her as a Christmas tree, a cake, a sexy Elvis and like Freddie Mercury - and her personal stylist, Johnny Wujek, says next year will be no exception, with him planning to put her in neon.

He said: "It's fun to be all over the place - glamorous one minute and silly the next. There won't be a radical style change, just an Evolution. She'll always be her quirky self.

"Neon is big for spring so I'll be getting her into a few pieces, but generally Katy wears what she wants, it's never dictated by trends."

Johnny also confirmed Katy, 26, won't be wearing less low-cut tops or daring dresses since marrying British comedian Russell Brand, and that she always has a "vision" of how she should look.

He added: "One thing's for sure - she won't be dressing more conservatively now she's married to Russell, no way, never! She calls the shots when it comes to hair and makeup, and always has a vision. She's into so many different looks. She had her heart set on the blue wig she wore to the last Mtv Movie Awards."