Katy Perry wants her own nail polish collection.

The 'Birthday' hitmaker boasts an impressive beauty and fashion empire, including four fragrances and jewellery line with Claire's Accessories, and hinted her next step will be creating her own range of funky nail varnishes.

She explained during a scent masterclass: ''I've always wanted to venture into nails, but... it hasn't worked out just right just yet. But I love to show my personality off, whether it's in the lip color or nail bed. It's just like, God is in the details, so I like the little things to be detailed.''

The singer previously collaborated with OPI on a range of brightly-coloured polishes, which were each named after her hit songs.

Katy's latest scent, Killer Queen's Royal Revolution, launches on July 23 and saw her work with Coty and perfumer Pierre Negrin from Firmenich.

The 29-year-old pop princess is naturally curious and enjoys the process of concocting a scent from scratch.

According to WWD, she said: ''[The fragrances] take up a lot of time, but they're a very pleasurable experience. They're very creative, it's not like I just get handed something. We all kind of dream this up together.

''I'm very curious - whenever I do something, I want to know about the whole process, how it happens - do you take those flowers [in the fragrance] and just steam the oil out? How does that happen, how do you get there?''

Katy also touched upon her current style inspirations, saying she's ''obsessed with Nineties Versace and Chanel'' and likes to channel ''a soft grunge look.''

She added: ''I like Liz Taylor, and I love the spontaneous excitement of Daphne Guinness and the punk rock...of Chloë Sevigny.''