Kaya Scodelario says she and "most" of her 'Skins' co-stars are "very close".

The 31-year-old actress shot to fame alongside the likes of Nicholas Hoult, 34, Dev Patel, 33, and Daniel Kaluuya, 35, in the hit noughties teen comedy drama series, and despite them all going on to have successful movie careers, they still share a special bond and keep in touch.

She told Radio Times magazine: "Most of us are very close - we joke that we're all trauma-bonded from it. We weren't actors, we were just kids who were given this incredible opportunity. No one could believe that a show about a bunch of teenagers was resonating with people. The cast was so special because we never competed with each other. We weren't thinking about the next job, or our careers, or our Instagram followers - we were just friends taking care of each other."

The 'Maze Runner' star also spoke about feeling like an outsider growing up in England.

She said: "Having a Brazilian mum, I never felt like I fitted in with the English kids

- but I didn't fit in with anyone else either. Guy lends a voice to the [working-class] side of society, which is rare to see in a project this big."

For her latest role she stars as Susie Glass alongside Vinnie Jones (Eddie Halstead) in Guy Ritchie's TV spin-off series of his 2019 gangster movie 'The Gentleman', and she relished getting to work on a British film.

She said: "I loved the original movie and the rich worlds that Guy builds.

I was looking for a project that felt very British - I've done a lot of filming in the States and I wanted to shoot something that felt like the world I grew up in. I definitely wasn't the head of a crime syndicate - but a lot of my friends parents could have been! Susie is also the smartest person in the room at all times."