Skin's Effy Stonem is hardly the kind of girl you'd expect to be working in business but here she is in series seven working ambitiously as a trader for a London hedge fund. The seventh and final series of E4's long-running Skins drama, entitles Skins Redux, is about to air in the UK. However now, the drug-taking, promiscuous, hedonistic days of youth for Effy, Cassie and Cook are long gone as they wrestle with the practicalities of adult life, such as holding down a stable job, the loneliness of the big city, and the resurfacing of the past.

Kaya Scodelario
Effy's Life Has Changed Incredibly Since Last Time We Saw Her.

The seventh series will be quite short - in just six parts - but will be divided into three stories following Cassie, Effy and Cook. Each part will be themed differently: 'Skins Pure', 'Skins Rise' and 'Skins Fire,' with a different character taking centre stage in each. The once reserved girl who went off the rails, Effy, brother to Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult), is followed through her job working for a hedge fund firm where she embarks on an affair with her boss; with things getting out of hand in typical Skins style, according to The Mirror. Cook (Jack O'Connell) is working as a drug dealer in Manchester but after he falls for a woman he really shouldn't, he is forced to confront his violent past.

Kaya Scodelario
Effy Tries To Hold Down An Adult Job In The Seventh Skins series.

Hannah Murray as former drug addict and anorexic Cassie Ainsworth will be shown "adrift, alone and invisible in London," reports Digital Spy, until she forms an unlikely and poignant friendship with a stranger who follows her. The previous teenage themes of all night drug-taking house parties, sexual exploration, bullying and mortality are toned down in the new series as the dysfunctional characters try to make sense of their lives now they have responsibilities.

Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray As Cassie Will Return In Skins Redux.

Skins Redux will also star Kayvan Novak (The Fonejacker) as Effy's boss and Lara Pulver (True Blood, Sherlock) as her aspiring comedian housemate. Skins returns on Monday nights from 9pm on E4 (UK). Tonight's episode (1st July) will focus on Effy, with Cassie and Cook to follow in later weeks.