Keane want to collaborate with Kanye West.

The band, whose hits include 'Everybody's Changing', are interested in working with the rapper/producer after a recent meeting with him.

Lead singer Tom Chaplin said: "We spent an evening with him, and it would be nice if something came from that."

The band seem to be intent on bringing a hip-hop sound to their trademark melodic piano rock, as their new album 'Night Train' features Canadian rapper K'Naan.

The band said that K'Naan is "a big Keane fan and a sucker for a good melody."

As the group evolve their sound and try new things, they learn from previous errors.

Tom said: "There's a fine line between exploring the melancholy areas and being depressing. We have slipped over the line sometimes, but generally we feel pretty good about life."

So good that the band believe they could approach the successful heights of their heroes U2.

Tom - who was treated for alcohol and cocaine addiction in 2006 - said: "When we toured as U2's support act in 2005, we were in awe of them. They had 11 albums to choose from. We're now beginning to reach a similar position."

'Night Train' is out now, and the band will begin their UK tour on June 10.