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I just watched the trailer for Keanu's new film Henry's Crime, I am def. seeing it!! I want to recommend it all you keanu fans, like me :) I came across this, and I think you will like some of the photos, and of course the trailer, let me know what you think!

Posted 12 years 8 months ago by Keanu Fan

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Hi All.I am from Australia - and no, there are not Kangaroos hopping down our main streets and Koalas in every tree - LOL! (Hey - I lived & worked in Cali USA & got asked this 10 times a day - seriously!)I am a Keanu Reeves fan - just like everyone else here. Kinda sad lovely man, so many does someone write to a "star" - Keanu or anyone in that sort of A-List bracket? Can it really be done, or is it just a futile wish? And no, not an obsessed fan...."OMG I-love-you-if-you-don't-love-me-back-I'll-just-DIE !!!" kind of email or letter. I mean - a NORMAL one. The sort people seem to have forgotten how to write these days. Do you have to start with the cousin of a sister who's brother works for security at a film lot three blocks up from the one where he THINKS Keanu is filming and - well - there's this make-up artist trainee who works there and owes him a favour so he could - like maybe - see if she (all of age 18) can bowl up and ask some super-senior executive dude how to write to Keanu.....(and still keep her job)..... AND the info getting back to you AND being correct and not sold out to the highest bidder instead??Yeah. That's what I thought.Hmmmmm. Oh well. One can still dream (scheme? scream?) Oh stuff it. I'm off to look for kangaroos.....Kitty - Keanu Admirer yes. Obsessed Groupie - errr don't think so Joe.

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by Oz_Kitty

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I met Keanu in when he came to Houston with his band dog star. I got a chance to meet him. It was 3am in the morning and there I was like a groupie. When I saw him he was a bit nervous and I understood why. Hollywood has seen it's share of psycho fans. I told him I liked his music and wished him luck on his tour. He smiled and ran over to where I was to shake my hand. That's what kind of person he is. When I hear of all these people who are trying to sue him it makes me angry. Get a life people. Leave him alone. He must be tired of everyone bothering him. He's good at what he does. Let him entertain. Thank You.

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by lizabeth816

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Yeah, I've been into Keanu now for a little bit. I just came out of this dream where he was coming back from a trip and he was landing in my home town Anaheim. It was around Halloween time, and I had special powers with this cape of mine. I was really into him in this dream, and I had to earn him in a challenge of performance. I was having so much fun with my cape because it had the power of instant death and shrinkage on all evil people surrounding me. I was having so much fun destroying evil that I started laughing and I woke myself up.

Posted 15 years 2 weeks ago by Doing90ontheHighway

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hello to my fellow keanu reeves fans!!!...i just want to greet my keanu a very happy birthday! muah muah muah...ahihihi....i'm sure there's no way that he'll get this message but i just want to wish him well, good health, happiness, and more blessings to come. Love you keanu and take care always.

Posted 15 years 3 months ago by Lyl

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la verdad yo solo se español, pero me gusto la idea algo entiendo en ingles sus comentarios, la pelicula me parece espectacular, el me encanta me parece marco un antes y un despues, en el cine en todo sentido.tiene un argumento muy interesante y aparte el es hermoso!!!

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by gikeanu

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hey pal,sincerely hopeyou are better now and moving on. looking fwd to your new 2 movies.bisoustinafrom Singapore

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by kartina osman

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Everyone has forgotten the movie in which Keanu plays a character most like himself. A Walk in the Clouds. Yes, it's a love story, and I'm a die-hard horror/sci-fi fan, but this has got to be my second most favorite movie of all time. First place goes to yet another love story, Gone with the Wind.

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by Ellentis

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Hi Guys,Whats up! I am one of the avid fan of Keanu Reeves. For me he is the best of all best! I admire him very much. I've heard he is kind & generous to the stunts men who work for him. He is handsome ever!!! Hugs & kisses Keanu!!!Love,Em

Posted 16 years 9 months ago by Emerald_cameron07

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Hi to all!I'm a big fan of keanu and most of his films are my collections.Everytime I use the internet, I never miss looking for any updatesof him, like new movies and news to read about.I want to hear something exciting about his life like being inlove and having good time with someone special. I want him to be happy and inlove....makes his heart beats fast.=)

Posted 17 years 2 weeks ago by chelsie_november

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hello to evryone!!!i know that keanu won't be able to read the messages here but nevertheless i still would like to greet him happy birthday!!!keanu, i wish you more blessings from God, good health, and happiness in life. always remember that a lot of ppl really do care about you, support you, and love you...once again happy birthday!!!

Posted 17 years 3 months ago by Lyl

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This is the pre-production of the UVL-FILMPRODUCTION INTERNATIONAL: starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Garner,Michelle Williams, some roles ar open

Posted 17 years 6 months ago by UP TO THE GROUND

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hi, it's Lucie again.oh God, i can't stop thinking about him!i've seen almost all of his films. for example : Hardball, the matrix trilogy, Constantine, Sweet November, Point Break, Thumbsucker, The Devil's Advocate, Something's Gotta Give, The Watcher, Speed, and many more. Honestly, all of his films are amazing!!!in fact, i wanna see his films more and more because all of them are, please contact me and we can share our informations together.bye ...

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by Lucie

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hi guys!do you know the biggest fan of Keanu Reeves?I am!!!So, if you have all about this cool guy, please send to me. I really want it.I think he's the best man i've ever seen.I'm sure about it.And if you're a huge fan of him too, you can contact me in +6285246708199. (I'm Indonesian)Let us share everything about Mr. Reeves.=)

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by Lucie

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I've been to this site several times because it has the up-to-date information or news about Keanu Reeves.Matter of fact, I have a link for on my 1KeanuReeves fan site group for the benefit of our current 200+ members at , I really would love to see this site ( offer a banner or site button that other Keanu sites, such as 1KeanuReeves can link and add to their groups.Just a suggestion..Thanks for readingCanapril

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by Canapril

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I have never been into watching movies in my entire life until I saw Keanu Reeves on big screen. That was Speed if I am not mistaken. Now, I make it a point to watch all of his movies. I wish to see him in a truly touching love story soon... My regards to my favorite Hollywood actor. Sincerely,Jaded

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by jadedbloss29

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i would like u to send me to my e mail all the information about keanu revves all the rumors everything you see im a very big fan of him and id like to know everything bye bye sincerely liliane

Posted 18 years 4 months ago by the matrix numb...

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