Is the action movie industry in trouble? Keanu Reeves seems to think so. The actor has been sort of absent from the Hollywood scene of late, but he returned this weekend with John Wick. Rather self-righteously, Reeves seems to think that this is the movie that will save the action movie genre. If you weren’t even aware that action movies needed saving, go read Reeves’ interview with Josh Horowitz over on MTV – it’s full of little nuggets of wisdom.

Keanu Reeves, John Wick
Best Film ever? John Wick features high-speed action and a puppy - don't get too attached.


As for John Wick, here’s the rundown. Keanu Reeves is our eponymous hero/antihero, a former hitman, who interrupts his much needed retirement to hunt down a bunch of gangsters who (spoiler alert) killed his dog. Yep, this is that kind of movie.

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Basically, the team behind John Wick doesn’t seem to give a monkey’s about believability, realism or any of that boring stuff. It’s all about car chases, men shooting each other and testosterone-fuelled revenge sprees. The story, penned by Derek Kolstad, made its way to Reeves and then to directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, who had been itching to direct this kind of classic action flick for a while.

Watch the John Wick trailer below.