It's not often that Keanu Reeves makes the headlines; he's a private man, and with his box office appearences fairly hit and miss since the glory days of The Matrix and Bill and Ted, we've just not seen much of him. But when we do, his stories tend to be the best, and the latest is no exception.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu kept cool as a cucumber when faced with an intruder in his home

According to TMZ, Reeves was awoken on Monday morning by a noise at his Los Angeles home, and when he went to check his library, he was face to face with a woman sitting in his chair. Creepy. But Keanu, cool as ever, didn't freak out. He very calmly called the police who came and took the woman away for a psych evaluation. Only the One could take something so crazy as someone breaking into their home completely in their stride. 

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Despite his many, many film roles over the years, Keanu has gained fame with the internet generation for his appearence in the 'Sad Keanu' meme which saw him sitting alone on a bench looking a bit pensive. The picture quickly went viral, much to the bemusement of Keanu himself, who took it all in good humour. He really is a chilled-out guy.

His last film, 47 Ronin, didn't do too well at the box office or with critics, so Reeves will no doubt be hoping for more success with his next few projects. He is starring in the thriller John Wick, due for release this autumn, as well as Knock, Knock and The Whole Truth to be released in 2015. He has also been announced as the lead in a new television series, 'John Rain', which focuses on an assassin who is an expert at making his targets' deaths look like accidents.

Maybe it's years starring in high octane thrillers such as Speed and Point Break that has made Keanu such an expert at staying calm under pressure!

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