Keanu Reeves has saved the world four times in his films.

The 50-year-old actor has worked out that, having starred in over 40 feature films, he's come to the world's rescue four times onscreen, including in his role as Ted in the 'Bill and Ted' movies.

Keanu said: ''I think [I've saved the world] a couple of times. 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. 'Bill and Ted' kind of saved the world. 'Constantine' saves the world. How about 'The Matrix'? 'The Matrix' kind of saves the world. That's four.''

In his new film, 'John Wick', the actor is doing pretty much the opposite of saving the world, starring as a former hitman who goes after the men who killed his dog.

The canine's murder gets John very worked up, and he goes on a monumental killing spree.

Keanu told Metro newspaper: ''I've heard [the body count in 'John Wick' is] 73. I've heard 84, I don't really know.''

Keanu's new thriller involves a lot of action, which the movie star had to prepare for in the months prior to filming.

The 'Lake House' star said: ''I like a tough day. [The 'John Wick' producers] provided a few months of training, judo, jujitsu.

''[My favourite action moments were] sliding the car around, the knife fight in the hallway. It's fun. I'm f****ng John Wick, man. Here comes trouble.''