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9th October 2015

Quote: "Those scenes are weird but Eli had created a great situation of trust in rehearsal, but eventually you have to, like, get naked... I wasn't that guy who was like, 'Eli, your wife's hot...' everyday. Like, 'I can't wait for the sex scene'." Keanu Reeves on making out with director Eli Roth's new wife Lorenza Izzo in front of the filmmaker in new movie Knock Knock.

8th October 2015

Quote: "I didn't get to be in that. I decided not to be in that. I loved working with J (director Jan de Bont) and Sandra (Bullock), of course; it was just a situation in life where I got the script and I read the script and I was like, 'Urgh!' It was about a cruise ship and I was like, 'OK, Speed. Cruise ship', but then I was thinking, 'Bus and cruise ship. Speed. Bus not so fast, but then cruise ship is even slower than a bus'. I was just like, 'I love you guys but I just can't (do it)... I've never been on a cruise." Keanu Reeves was not a fan of the script for the Speed sequel. He bailed on the project and Jason Patric stepped in to replace him.

1st September 2015

Quote: "West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Coast Highway, up into the Santa Monica Mountains. Go all the way up to Mulholland Highway. Carve up the Santa Monica Mountains to Kanan Dume. From here, take Mulholland to Las Virgenes to the 101 (freeway) back to Laurel Canyon. Then Laurel Canyon to Sunset and back home." Keanu Reeves on his favourite Los Angeles bike route.

23rd October 2014

Fact: Chad Stahelski, the co-director of Keanu Reeves' new action film John Wick, was the movie star's stunt double in The Matrix trilogy.

13th October 2014

Quote: "I guess my security wasn't good enough... it's better now... It was really scary. The first time was at like, four in the morning on a Saturday, and it was scary." Keanu Reeves on his recent home invasions - the movie star's house was broken into twice in three days last month (Sep14). He has since obtained a restraining order against the female intruder, who workmen found swimming naked in his pool.

30th September 2014

Quote: "I never stop counting my blessings. I'm lucky because I know I could still be sharpening skates back home for a living or serving pizza. I got a huge break and that still amazes (me)." Keanu Reeves still can't believe his luck he is a millionaire movie star.

22nd May 2013

Fact: Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has made a big splurge at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (21May13), picking up the U.S. rights to Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon's new sci-fi romance Passengers. Developed by Reeves and producing partner Stephen Hamel, the film will be the feature directing debut of Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk.

27th September 2012

Quote: "I know movie kung fu. It's different. Real kung fu can kill you, movie kung fu, no." Keanu Reeves on making his new martial arts movie Men of Tai Chi. The actor directed the film in China and plays the villain.

20th March 2012

Fact: Keanu Reeves was honoured for his movie career at the Power of Film Gala in Hong Kong on Sunday (18Mar12). The charity event, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, also feted Hong Kong-based documentary filmmaker Duncan Jepson.

2nd June 2011

Quote: "It hasn't worked out yet but maybe down the road. Maybe I'm too old for the role but it is Shakespeare so you can do it whenever." Keanu Reeves is keen to tackle William Shakespeare's iconic MACbeth in the future.

14th January 2011

Quote: "I haven't done it for a while, since I guess 1996? I always like it up there, it's always nice to get up on the stage - you feel the audience." Keanu Reeves is open to taking on another theatre role in the future.

28th December 2010

Quote: "We're trying. Alex (Winter) and I are still friends and we're talking. I would love to play the role and I'd love to work with Alex again." Keanu Reeves is working on another installment in the BILL & TED movie series.

21st September 2010

Quote: "I'd love to play the role and work with them again. We'll see what they do." Keanu Reeves confirms reports he is in talks to reprise his role as a dopey teen for another installment in the BILL & TED movie series.

8th April 2010

Fact: Keanu Reeves, Adrien Brody, Patrick Dempsey and Christian Slater will speed off against each other at the Pro/Celebrity Race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach in California on 16 April (10).

30th July 2009

Fact: Keanu Reeves will play an egotistical movie star in comic Chris Kattan's new TV mini-series BOLLYWOOD HERO.

10th May 2009

Fact: Keanu Reeves is set to double up on the big screen in a modern take on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror tale The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Matrix star will lead the cast in Jekyll, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

19th April 2009

Fact: Actor Keanu Reeves came first among celebrities at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race at the 35th Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach event on Saturday (18Apr09). He beat stars including Adrien Brody and comedian Carlos Mencia to the title.

16th January 2009

Fact: Keanu Reeves is set to star in a movie version of the animated Japanese TV series Cowboy Bebop. The Speed star will play a bounty hunter travelling through space in 2071.

11th December 2008

Quote: "Never say no, but I don't think it's gonna happen, and besides, I'm dead." Keanu Reeves can't imagine another MATRIX movie.

15th January 2008

Fact: Will Smith's nine-year-old son JADEN has landed a role in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The young star is the latest addition to a cast which already includes Jennifer Connelly, Keanu Reeves and KATHY BATES.

28th August 2007

Fact: Keanu Reeves has signed up to star in a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still.

8th May 2007

Fact: Rapper/actor Common has signed up to star alongside Angelina Jolie in comic book adaptation Wanted, and Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker in THE NIGHT WATCHMAN.

14th June 2006

Quote: "When he did that kiss with her, I thought, 'He didn't kiss me like that when we were doing SPEED!'" Sandra Bullock is jealous that Diane Keaton got a steamy kiss from co-star Keanu Reeves while filming Something's Gotta Give.

7th June 2006

Fact: Keanu Reeves' cult film BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE spawned a breakfast cereal made up of marshmallow and cinnamon musical notes.

10th March 2006

Fact: Keanu Reeves has recently had two cervical discs removed from his neck.

10th March 2006

Fact: Rap star Ne-Yo's name is a reference to NEO, the character played by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. A friend gave Ne-Yo - real name SHAFFER SMITH - the nickname, saying that he saw music the way Neo sees the Matrix in the movie.

6th March 2006

Fact: Sandra Bullock's date for the Oscars last night (05MAR06) was her SPEED co-star Keanu Reeves.

24th October 2005

Fact: <p>Oscar winner Al Pacino received the 20th annual American Cinematheque Award on Friday (21OCT05) in Los Angeles, with several of his fellow actors paying tribute to him. Among those singing his praises were Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Ed Harris, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis, who presented the award. </p>

19th October 2005

Fact: <p>French actor JEAN-PIERRE MICHAEL makes 10,000 Euros per picture for dubbing Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Jude Law and Ben Affleck's films into his native tongue. </p>

16th September 2005

Quote: <p>"When I was a teenager it sounded fun - all the plotting and planning, the danger, the treasure. I also wanted to live in a whale. It'd be a safe place, all the pressure would be off." Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves had an over-active imagination when he was younger. </p>

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