Keira Knightley has been ''working on'' movement in 'Anna Karenina'.

The British actress enjoys working with filmmaker JOE WRIGHT - who she previously teamed up with for 'Pride & Prejudice' and 'Atonement' - because he is ''so interesting'' but admits taking on the title role in the adaptation of the Russian literary classic was a daunting task.

She told Total Film: ''It's a hell of a role to take on.

''I love working with Joe - I always find it really interesting. This time, we're working a lot on movement and a lot on body, because we're both interested in trying to see how we can do that.''

The movie was shot at Shepperton Studios and those working on the film think viewers will be stunned by the ''ambitious'' visual experience of the production.

Producer Paul Webster said: ''It's a very ambitious and outlandish visual concept, which some people might think is absolutely crazy.''

Actor Bill Skarsgard added: ''I was there when they turned the whole thing into a race with horses. They brought four or five horses inside - it was pretty intense.''