A perfume advert featuring British actress Keira Knightley has been banned during children's television programming because it is deemed too sexually suggestive. Why fragrance giant Chanel is advertising its products during ad breaks for children's television remains to be seen, though the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that its commercial for the Coco Mademoiselle ad was unsuitable for younger viewers.

According to the BBC, the watchdog investigated after a complaint was made from a viewer who saw the ad during the film Ice Age 2. Chanel said a degree of sexual charge was common in its perfume ads, though the commercial in question shows Keira Knightley being photographed on a bed while a photographer unzips her clothes. She is then shown dressed only in a bed sheet and crawling towards him before lying down. A spokesperson for the Advertising Standards Authority said they decided it was unsuitable for children. "We therefore concluded that the ad was inappropriately scheduled and an ex-kids restriction should have been applied to prevent the ad from being broadcast in or around children's programming," they said.

The watchdog ruled that Chanel must not broadcast the Keira Knightley ad again around programmes of particular appeal to children.

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