British singer Keisha Buchanan is in agony after her dentist refused to remove her infected wisdom tooth.
The former Sugababes star has long suffered with problems relating to the molar and the pain became intolerable for the 26 year old earlier this month (Oct10).
In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "Last night was awful, I had a fever, threw up, Ear infection, Every symptom from a bad case of wisdom tooth drama!! I've been going through this for months because they wouldn't take it out... Something about it being to close to a vain (sic). Umm close or not I'm getting this sucker out so they're reffering (sic) me now. I'm high on antibiotics & pain killers at the mo (moment) so I'm feeling better."
But Buchanan found an unusual quick-fix remedy to ease her pain: "In the middle of all my drama last night my mummy called my gran who told her 2 give me Jamaican rum 2 gargle with... that helped soooo much & instantly!!!! So if anyone is having pain with their tooth i deffo (definitely) recommend that."