Keisha Buchanan only left British girl group the Sugababes because record label bosses refused to let the other two members quit the line-up, according to Heidi Range.
Tensions between the Push The Button hitmakers reached fever pitch in September (09), when Buchanan sensationally walked out on the group she had been a part of since 1998.
As Buchanan was swiftly replaced by Jade Ewen, speculation was rife that Range and Amelle Berrabah had booted out the only remaining founding member.
But Range reveals it was actually she and Berrabah who wanted to leave the Sugababes.
She tells MTV News, "I think most people think we kicked Keisha out the band but we actually left ourselves. We were going through a hard time for such a long time, trying to make it work and we couldn't."
And it was the group's management who convinced the unhappy pair to stay in the band - causing Buchanan's departure.
Berrabah, who was treated for nervous exhaustion at a rehab clinic in October (09) as a result of the split, adds, "I think a person can only allow themselves to be treated in a certain way for so long and I think we took a lot!
"I didn't enjoy going into work - I dreaded it, if I'm completely honest. It just got to that point were I was like 'I can't take anymore'."